Why Experts Say Our Planet Has a Cannabinoid Deficiency

By August 29, 2017Newsroom
Cannabis-Life-RadioThis patient-centric episode was full of incredible advice and inspiration from activists like Hiedi Handford and Robert Platshorn. While the livestream was unfortunately cut off, please click listen on the audio player at the bottom of this blog! 

The War on Opioids

Scheril introduces the topic of opioids, and comments that “regardless how you feel about it, we have such a huge opioid issue that people should not be concerned about medical marijuana.” In fact, one of our guests on the show, Lauren Lynne, is a former police officer that once she changed her form of medication form opioids to cannabis, her overall health and happiness improved tremendously. Arby also mentioned that the Federal government is now giving grants to study the effects of cannabis on those who are addicted to opioids.

In the beginning, it was important to have medical marijuana first, but now Robert knows that we need full legalization. He got seniors in part of the movement but he “learned in the past year that many seniors will not get the benefits of medical marijuana even if they need it.” because they’re afraid to put their names on a federal registry. Unfortunately, Robert admits that “Without full legalization, people are going to continue to die.”

Can Cannabis Induce Nausea?

At Cannaday Gainesville, Scheril spoke to Thomas Lee about the phenomenon where Cannabis can induce nausea in some patients. Hiedi was coincidentally watching with a patient of hers when we posted that interview and doing the first “microdose” with a doctor’s supervision. Hiedi explains that when a patient reacts negatively to cannabis, she treats them by beginning with very small amounts of cannabis. She also stressed the importance of smelling the medicine, so that it signals the patient’s endocannabinoid system.

Ultimately, we need to help nurseries. We saw Kim Rivers with Trulieve, and how they are the end product to patients. So we should work together, and have the best product for those to consume the product the way patients want to take it. We speak to our legislatures constantly and recall patients stories and experiences. And Arby and Scheril believe that they’re coming around. The nurseries need to grow, there would be 124 dispensaries, but unless access to patients and forms of medications open up, not even 10% or 15% could open. We need to support our nurseries and growers!

Hiedi introduced the nutritional benefits of cannabis by pointing out that “Our entire planet has a cannabinoid deficiency in my opinion.” Scheril says, “Let’s empty the hospitals by getting people the cannabis they need.” Arby agrees, “It’s not about getting high all the time.” It’s just about medicating.

Let’s Recap Arby’s Mailsack!

Q: How do we deal with stoned drivers?
Hiedi said Research was done in colorado where they found that Colorado’s DUIs went down, and their accidents went down. However, Scheril admits that with the legalization of cannabis, more research has to be and is being done on the effects of driving while medicated. 

Q:  I bought CBD at Walmart and it didn’t work.
Arby said “I dont like talking about other companies, what I can say is what we’re doing. Our product is made by a licensed compound pharmacist. If you’re going to buy something else, do the research. Don’t just choose the first thing.”
Leon asked, “Is it true that  90% of all CBD products in America come from China?
“There’s a lot of product in China,” Arby explained,  “And that’s what we were talking about in Tallahassee. We tested those products and it came back with something called 5-dash floral ADB, which is a synthetic Cannabidiol that does intoxicate the user. Now we see that a mom or dad walks in the store, and gives it to their child because of what they heard, and then experience CBD negatively.

Q: Do I get medical benefits from drinking bong water?
Hiedi: There’s reason in there, but *gags*.

Hiedi has an event coming up in Indianapolis, Racing to Rescue a Superhero! If you’re in the area, please support! She’s taking special needs kids and their families figure 8 racing.

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