What Will Legalizing Marijuana Mean?

By October 3, 2017Newsroom

Cannabis-Life-RadioComing off a very busy week in the cannabis industry, we had a ton to cover regarding the Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana Town Hall in West Palm Beach, 850WFTL’s Medical Marijuana Panel and more!

Legalizing & Decriminalizing Panels

One of our very own hosts, Scheril Murray Powell, moderated the Town Hall panel in West Palm Beach this past week. “You really have the ability to guide the discussion and dive in deeper, so you get the full education,” she retells. Beyond the surface of legalization, Scheril introduced topics related to the challenges politicians have behind closed doors when making cannabis law. Arby joined her at the event, but spoke on the panel regarding the actual medicine. “We drove home the distinction between hemp and marijuana and CBD, and its medicinal, nutritional properties,” he explains, “it was really, really informative.”

Last Friday morning, Arby joined another panel hosted by 850WFTL on the legalization of marijuana. He sat with professionals from different backgrounds like wellness, law enforcement and journalism. It’s not often that we’re faced with people that are not on the same page as us, so it’s important to have the conversation with everybody. Scheril complemented Arby on his ability to eliminate the assumptions about the patient experience as Arby mentioned it was about “getting the stigma out of the way.”

Physician Training

In terms of progress within accessibility, the new 2 hour training for physicians was released, and many are upset. “What can you train doctors on in two hours?” Arby questions. There wasn’t much challenge to reduce the training, but it was ultimately a legislative decision. Bobby Tuna, while he understands that 2 hours is not enough, is ultimately happy with this training decision, because it’ll encourage doctors to actually go through with the training to be able to start recommending to their patients.

How To Achieve Inclusion

Our two over the phone guests today were Bonita Money and Treyous Jarrell! Two returning guests that are extremely genuine contributors to the industry. Bonita, A.K.A. Bo’, is doing the absolute most to achieve goals of minority inclusion as we progress into decriminalization and legalization. “We need to create an even playing field in the industry,” she begins, “the communities hit hardest by the war on drugs need to be educated and have opportunities in this industry.” She emphasizes that these communities do not want to leave their communities, so we need to understand our positionality to bring the industry to their communities. “How are you representing diversity if you are afraid to deal with people in the communities?” Bonita challenges. She is also working on launching a reality show called “Women in Weed.” So many people think the industry is about growing or dispensing, and don’t understand what is done professionally. “A lot of people don’t realize the time and effort it takes in the back end,” Arby agrees.

Treyous Jarrell joined us again to update us on his nonprofit organization: MMJ For Athletes. His plan is to educate athletes on both the risks and the treatments for CTA and General Concussions. On CBD being lifted from the USADA’s banned substances list, Treyous thinks “that’s a huge step forward to treating these athletes.” Not only with concussions, but with so many other conditions that athletes face like depression, anxiety and general pain. He refers to Aaron Hernandez’ suicide at 27 as a reason why CBD needs to be easily accessible to athletes. Mainly, he explains that athletes are afraid to say anything when they feel they have a concussion, or just don’t see the signs. “We want to go in and implement our studies,” Treyous begins, “We want to develop a traumatic head injury program for athletes.” But ultimately, Treyous wants “everybody who is suffering to see that the plant can help them.”

Arby’s Mail-Sack

Q: Do you recommend skipping dosages to increase your reception of CBD?
Arby: Actually yes, absolutely. I do it also, it’s like anything else you medicate with. Once in awhile it’s good to do a cleansing.
Leon: The way i describe it is that I starve my receptors by skipping a day, so that they’re hungry the next day.

Q: My 6 year old has seizures, my doctor wants to put her on heavy meds, but I’m scared to try CBD. What should i do?
Scheril: speak to your doctor and see if you two can come to an agreement on what you both feel most comfortable with. Again, CBD oil you can purchase on your own, you don’t need to get a physician recommendation. But we work with physicians all the time at Joe Dimaggio hospital.
Arby: Do research on everything you’re giving your child or putting in your own body.

Q: Why are some CBD products expensive while others are really cheap?
A: Some are fake, like fake news, and some take their time and get them tested every three months. Not everyone is willing to spend the time. If you’re buying something cheap, you’re probably getting something cheap.

Q: Does music sound better when you use cannabis or is it just me?
Leon: It’s not just you, it’s everyone.
Everyone: *laughs*

Q: What the appropriate way to transport product from the dispensary to another location?
Scheril: If you’re a card carrying individual and you have gotten your medicine from an authorized source, you would transport it the way you would ordinarily transport it.
Arby: But don’t leave any medication in your car!

Q: Who smokes or uses the most cannabis?
Arby: Not me!
Scheril: I’m gonna bow out.
Leon: It’s me! It’s definitely me.

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