The Real Criminals of The Cannabis Industry

By September 25, 2017Newsroom

If there’s one thing that needs to be addressed, it’s how to conform cannabis into everyday society. On this show, we covered topics of law enforcement, security and diversity to really put the future of the cannabis industry into perspective.

Can You Get Arrested With A Prescription?

Recently, a person with a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis had flower in Florida, and was arrested for possession. “That’s where the separation of all this crap needs to stop,” Arby says “It shouldn’t be ‘Let us pick and choose what you can medicate with.’” Scheril reminds us of the rise in arrests for possession in young African Americans in Colorado after medical legalization, and that unfortunately, we should expect a similar trend in Florida. But in Florida’s constitution, under Amendment 2, you are only not allowed to smoke cannabis in public, the rest is left up to judicial interpretation.

Therefore, we hope to see a change in the amendment after this case and John Morgan’s case. “They need to fight this all the way through, because this case could set precedent in the state of Florida,” says Arby. Bobby Tuna, however, predicts that they will drop the charges so that no precedent is set.

Making The Cannabis Industry Secure

Cannabis, previously stigmatized by criminalization, is not completely free of criminals today. Tony Gallo runs a security company that makes sure that people feel secure and regulated as legalization spreads nationwide. He comments that more and more of the states are starting to piggyback off of other state’s regulations. Once, a state forgot to remove a previous state’s name when sending in an application. The real issue that needs to be addressed is internal theft. “If you look in the cannabis industry, by far the biggest loss is employee theft,” he begins, “so you need to begin to develop a culture of honesty” in this industry, and “the cannabis industry has about 3 to 5 years before that happens when it becomes an established business.”

Other security measures like bullet proof glass have been experimented with across different dispensaries, but Tony says that most of the time “the state just wants to know how to protect the assets.” “This industry is exactly like any other industry that has a valued product,” Arby mentions. However, those previously convicted for cannabis related felonies now have a stronger chance of employment in the cannabis industry, because that charge isn’t a threat to security. It was great to speak to Tony on the topic of security that isn’t normally brought up when we speak on the construction of the cannabis industry, because we see now more than ever how these detailed observations can solidify the industry.

Supporting Diversity

We then spoke to Ross McCarthy and looked through a political lens to better understand the issue of inclusivity in the cannabis industry. Scheril and Ross just returned from Washington D.C. where they attended one of the largest public policy conferences with The Congressional Black Caucus, a.k.a., “A party with a purpose.” Ross reminds us that “Our community of color cannot turn our backs on the legalization of cannabis in the community, even if it is seen as taboo for us to talk about it.” The National Diversity in Cannabis Commission PAC was also recently launched in light of the 2018 congressional session. It will support legislators who support diversity in cannabis, a very integral part to progressing in the cannabis industry.

This Thursday, September 28th, there will be a Town Hall meeting with Senator Bobby Powell and Representative Al Jacquet in West Palm Beach regarding the legalization of marijuana and stressing the importance of diversity in the market. If you are a constituent in their counties, or just in the area, we encourage you to go! “It is not a black thing, it is not a brown thing. It’s a community thing,” Ross says. “The current bill is not perfect, it needs to be tweaked.” This is the opportunity to come out and tell our legislators what we need, so if you are somebody who is concerned with the future of the cannabis industry in Florida, we urge you to go! “We need to make sure that this isn’t corporate coming in and taking it from us again,” Arby states.

Arby’s Mailsack

Q: If I use cannabis before working out will it help with endurance?
A: I can tell you right now my wife does. Depending on what medication you use. Higher sativa is the better.

Q: Do you get more CBD from edibles or vaping?
A: Delivery is the same, but the speed in delivery varies.

Q: What is the best way to receive cannabis for medical purposes?
A: Rectal, then vaping, then sublingual, and it really all depends on the processing of the product.

Q: Will theme parks allow patients in with their prescribed products?
A: From our understanding, no. They won’t even let us in with our cannabis life shirts.

Q: Everyone is talking about adding terpenes to CBD, are terpenes good for you on their own?
A: They are essential oils, so yes, it could be medicinal on its own.

Q: I heard that eating raw cannabis has cancer fighting effects, can this be true when the THC has not been activated?
S: I really don’t know, I mean hemp leaves are being sold at Whole Foods, so I’m assuming there is some nutritional properties there.
A: It’s almost like shoes, everyone has a different size shoe, and tylenol may work for only a third of the population out there.

Q: My grandson is on the pot. He listens to your show every week and if you weed heads would stop with your drugs, Florida would be a better place.
A: Well that’s probably from my brother *laughs*
S: I reject the term drugs! We’re talking herbs, we’re talking plants and we’re talking medicine.