The Homegrown Case in our Homegrown State

We started this exciting episode by getting right into the Redner homegrown lawsuit that is taking place in our state of Florida. A medical marijuana patient has taken to the courts a lawsuit asking that they are permitted to grow their own medicine. Redner claims he wouldn’t have been able to survive his stage 4 cancer without marijuana, but persists he needs access to fresh marijuana to assure that he is getting the best treatment. The only way he can certify that the cannabis he is getting is fresh is by growing it in his home. Redner says he is taking this to court for all the patients who are not able to afford medical marijuana, let alone have the financial means to challenge the state’s medical marijuana laws. Florida Department of Health had filed a motion to dismiss Redner’s case, but the Tallahassee judge, Karen Grievers, denied that motion and had declared that Redner does have to stand in this case. The judge has given the Department of Health two weeks to come up with parameters for patients to be able to grow medical marijuana. All of our hosts agree that this case has allowed Florida to take a step in the right direction. Leon is highly optimistic and extremely encouraged that Florida patients will be able to grow their medication soon. Scheril was quick to point out to our viewers, that although this is a win for the cannabis movement we should be careful not to misinterpret the ruling, and think it allows everyone to start growing cannabis in their homes. Arby believes that one day we will all have the freedom to grow our marijuana plants, but Florida’s medical marijuana laws are still new to the state, and it will take some time before that happens. Only time will tell what the future may hold for the marijuana movement, and we must continue our pursuit of freedom.

Nikki Fried In the Studio

Our exceptional in-studio guest, Nikki Fried, is a force to be reckoned with here in the state of Florida. She is an attorney with a law firm, Igniting Florida LLC. She dedicated her time and effort to fight for her marijuana client base and was one of the leading forces behind the passing of the Florida House Bill 307, the Right to Use Medical Marijuana. Nikki is confident that patients in Florida will have fantastic opportunities in the future. Massive resources are pursuing new strains, formulas, and different ways to consume to help medicate every type of patient out there. Nikki is hoping that the state changes the educational course for doctors who are registering to recommend marijuana as a medication. Nikki describes the course as more of a legal scare tactic, rather than something that is educational when understanding the medical benefits of marijuana. There has also been a decrease in doctors on the registry by 20-25%, which Nikki attributes to forcing doctors to re-register every two years. It seems like a ridiculous policy, which is why it is vital for all of our viewers to get involved in this process. We want marijuana laws to reflect sensible policy, so the people who need to medication or education have the right resources available!

Nikki Fried believes the CannaBusiness in Florida will be a billion to two billion dollar industry, even before it becomes recreational. The expansion in product lines, research into different strains and consumables, patients on the registry and doctors in the field will all help to grow this industry and boost our economy. One of Nikki’s top priorities is to make sure cannabis is regulated. She wants a guarantee to all patients that they know exactly what they’re using to medicate, and are confident their medication has not been tampered with in any way. Arby is a big proponent of marijuana regulation, and would also like to see CBD companies get their products tested before selling to the public. Cannabis Life Radio wants to get as much education and information out to the masses. We want to the stop the confusion for anyone who is using marijuana or CBDs to medicate. Nikki is working hard with lawmakers and regulators to make sure Florida has the best medical marijuana system in the nation.

We are so privileged to have Nikki on our show! We hope to have her on the air again as we delve deeper into the politics and legal aspects of Florida’s medical marijuana system. Thank you, Nikki, for joining us this week!

Jordan Harker On Autoflowers

Jordan has been the community manager for Autflower.Net, an online forum, for the last five years, and he is the man to go to if you have any questions about auto-flowering. Autoflowers are a cannabis plant type, which will automatically flower regardless of the light period it is in. This particular way of growth comes from a history of hybridizing Cannabis sativa or cannabis indica with cannabis ruderalis, the weird third cousin in the cannabis family. These plants flower according to their genetics, and not dependent on light cycles. Jordan came on the show to educate everyone that auto-flowering is a real way to grow cannabis, and to promote the online forum AutoFlower.Net. This forum has been around for several years, has over 26,00 registered members, and over 40,000 forum discussions. They also have more than two years of product testing for over 40 vendors associated with the site. AutoFlower.Net is known for their free and friendly environment for any grower in need of information. Whether you are advanced, or just beginning to grow, be sure to check out this site and get your questions answered!

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