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Cool. Sharing

always love the shows

Always would not miss the showπŸ’šβœŒοΈ

The guy on the left is handsome!


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This is a story about my daughter that the state CPS OR DCS came and said that they were going to take her away from us because we were treating her with CBD OIL for her seizers and epilepsy...

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message my wife she against it for no other reason than the fact she likes pills heather ruffner on fb n has no clue how canabis will make her life better weather be stayin clean n heathy or from the tax money it brings in this woman no clue period please educate her

Good Morning guys an galls

Brie Sorensen your mom haha

Have a positive day


You have to give away a bag too? In addition to the $100 gift certificate, in school debate class, the lesson was to debate both sides of the issue, pro and con, at end of class, teacher asked what was my true position? I smiled only. Got an A+ pro and con. Roe vs Wade. Hell, I can piss someone off in five minutes as if they knew me a life time. Nobody has the right to take a life, with the exception of self-preservation or that of another, life begins at conception.

I think no one is educated on it and there's a lot questions about it.

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Treyous Jarrells Coming up! He was a talented NCAA Football star who left the sport to make sure he could use his medicine without prosecution. Have you had similar problems with your jobs?

The government put out a film that advocated farmers grow hemp in the 1940s and hid the film until it was discovered in the 1990s!!! #hempforvictory

Phillup Bowls go hit up a bunch of nba players pages we would love to have one come share their thoughts!

Nasser Almulla, "did you use cannabis while on the field and did it affect you?"

Almost all nba players are using cannabis and many are using it during games


Im a recovering heroin addict....sober 15 years Thank You Cannabis <3 I used cannabis to get off of 185 mg's of methadone

Football is a very physical & dangerous sport & I feel they should be allowed to use cannabis, instead of other substances.

Opioids are bad but why don’t we talk about alcohol like’s just as bad as opioids! It effects our youth a lot more!

i had CBD oil for almost 2 months and was able to stop anxiety and pain meds but now i'm back on them because i can't afford the cbd

Don't get us started on bad actors in the CBD space, and those doctors who are pushing this crap to patients that get an MMJ license.

I'm betting that Andrew Luck QB for Indpls Colts, went to the Neatherlands, to recieve cannibus to evade the constrination of the NFL.

The German government is closing its eyes. We live in the dark Middle Ages ... Although .... They did not shit about a plant

It is very hard to get access with Drs here in Florida . The paperwork is what is the problem with my Dr.

richard neal canabis cost so much because the black market still controls price in most states

Cannabis is an opiod that is a part of the epidemic.

#HempEducateAmerica Thank you @Cannabis Life Radio!!!!

Its all about the $$$!!!

The pharmaceutical companies and doctors should be held accountable

by being so verbal, do you get 'noticed' more by the law in your area?

#arbysmailsack how effective are the CBD pens in your opinion?

Willie Nelson in Houston Texas at the barbecue livestock rodeo

never had thc but i think 'some' medicate for the high but majority is for pain relief and focus

hello everyone from New Orleans, it's all ABOUT CHOICE

Arby’s sack...Leon on a pole....I’m jumping I love you all... πŸ˜‚

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Who's ready for an awesome show?!?!

Interested and tuning in

I am morning bro


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shared..hoping it helps get the word out too

Im in CO....please join the club everyone

Sharing is caring

Michael Jenkins Cheffie Joshua Goldman John Panzino u ever listen to this program. They have great topics

I'm tired of big Pharm saying what we can and can't do it's time to stand up for what we believe

I don't want to take oxycodone 30 mg anymore I want to smoke weed I want to ingest weed only I want to smoke the flower bro that's all

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i've asked and you answered me in one your vids

Absolutely adore everything like this


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He needs to go! He is trying to undo the progress some states have made. This makes me so angry!!!

At least put focus on the opiates. Leave marijuana alone and tell big pharma to fuck off!


Congress needs to change the laws...I don't like what's happening with this but Sessions swore an oath to uphold the laws and he personally can't change them. Congress knows that the scheduling and laws pertaining to cannabis are ridiculous...we need to bombard them with calls and emails to do their job and change the categorization immediately. Keeping it illegal is wrong.

He needs to stop, maybe he's too buzzed himself. I think what he is doing is wrong.

Time to Go Jeff Sessions... Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out... Who am I kidding, I hope it cracks you good...😜

Yes he should

I'm Canadian and this man pisses me off! He needs to step outta the ice age . He needs to admit all his of his fear mongering will not change the voice of the people!

Oh yesh, it takes from research and knowledge for us.


Fire his ass. He, s a self centered money monger affiliated with anything that will fill his own pocket and his elite immoral valueless bastard croni friends. All of which needs to be removed from earth.

Bye Jeff

He is against it like everyone here is for it..... it is federally illegal. JEFF sessions has an obligation to uphold the law!! It’s up to congress to change the law. Your witch hunt for JEFF sessions is barking up the wrong tree, call your congressman call call and keep calling.

hell yes, he needs to be removed

This is appauling and if he calls war he will get one

too amazing


He needs to go yeah n he's doing a reversed like the old day's is like making everyone start over wit the revenue n taxes n shops etc yeah we're pretty much screwed n we all are going Black Market like the old day's n start over n that's wat asshole Jeff Session is doing is Reversing the Revenue on everyone n the industry just like the old day's n I pray sumthin gets turned around for better for our health in Cannabis life n This comment is from Versaillies Indiana.. πŸ’―βœŒπŸ’―,!!

Hammer him

Well,of course.

Fire him,then string him up in virtual reality

I voted for trump cause he was states rights im sure he doesnt want ti lose the voters ...which are millions of people which voted for him..sessions has been on opposite sides of trumps policies ..he needs to get fired .

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Terpenes come from the hemp or cannabis flower directly and do not need to be added directly however they can be added safely as well

Robyn Cobb THC is psychoactive and often as seen as impairing, cbd is not but has many of the same medical benefits

Who wants to be in a cannabis study?!

Anyone know anyone who doesn't think cannabis products could be researched for possible benefit?

$ 100 to anyone of your friends who don't like cannabis who want to come on the show! Share it now and find us a foe πŸ˜‰

Sessions needs to go!

Happy Friday


good morning... hoping to get a lot of info on this...

i need to be educated on terpene, i'll replay the vid later so i can hopefully hear it

anyone out there who wants to come talk negatively about cannabis

Kevin Lewis Pogue we will be happy to help you with that education πŸ™‚ It happens to the best of us

Make sure you're selling a good product!!! Gotta love that!

We have to educate ourselves!

Who wants $500? Share with your friends we're giving $250 each to two winners

Allen Lee are there any regulation and research that might help your opinion?

What regulations do you think should be in place?

Who wants a job in the cannabis industry?

Pam Arbogast i understand your pain! I'm so sorry to hear that πŸ™

What do you think about this gentleman?

James Tundidor we would love to get sessions here, hopefully at some point!

Guys if you're enjoying the show make sure to share it with your friends! We love our listeners 😍

Robyn Cobb tincture is a method (an under the tongue dropper) oil is just the substance

There are many unfortunetly

Terpene education coming up, but would love to hear more of your thoughts on them!

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hey everyone

Can't believe I missed another show I'm not getting any confirmation on when you come on

Going to watch now

Hey bro

So, we have to use drugs to prevent committing suicide? It sounds like a lame reason, if you are weak then you need more than drugs!

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Texas' ridiculous law leaves out 345,000 Texas epileptics from having access. What is sad is over 50% of epileptics never gain control of their seizures through medications. 1 in 150 of that 50% will die from SUDEP. The Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. That is what took my son from me in 2016. That is 1150 people who will likely die EACH YEAR in Texas alone!!!! #SomethingHasToChangeAndNow

I vote for change very sad for the handicapped


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Tammy Lynn Yarbrough

Barbara Patterson-gilman

Karen Dennis Plunk

Whoever does your videos is hella talented!!

Ronelle Opland

Theresa Vargas

One thing it doesn't do... Help you find your hot Pocket

Will you be encouraging your daughters to smoke pot?

Dawn DeeDee Fannin Rada

I know for a fact i function better via canibus use, i have A. D. D.-A. D. H. D. Used illeagally since i was 11, i'm 43 now!!

CBD is wonderful

Darlene Jackson Valido

Melanie Marie

And much more

CBD oil works on my diabetic nerve pain in my feet so I can stand all day doing my job

Gagan Ganesh

I wish the medical professionals would pay more attention to this and quit giving people pills because so many devastating effects

Susana Bermudez

True... IAM living proof!

Yes medicate people


Love this video

Alan Mooney Michael Brice Keller

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Hi everyone!

Sessions stupidity will backfire. The Phoenix is rising! 2018/2020 we take our country back and we move Cannabis to the people!

New Orleans says hi to all of yell....i hope yell are well

The bigger issue that NOONE is talking about is "WE THE PEOPLE" make the rules they { politicians } think they due!

Got my card in Nh and im smokin lovely

just want to say how much we appreciate you all <3

Not a narcotic, it should be federally legal, urge your senators

Hawthorne Florida watchin

hi to ya'll in Florida! !

Right on

Hey guys..

Why wouldn't the gov want to get a piece of this taxes and take the dealers out of the mix less crime win win I don't see weed smokers robbing and stealing

I am an Illinois medical Marijuana patient. Marijuana gave me my quality of life back and no one will take that from me. I have been medication free for over 10 years because of marijuana.

Please share this someone you know needs to register to vote:

Sessions needs to educated on the subject , his mind is stuck in the past, he still uses the 'Reefer Madness" as his guideline

It's time that our representatives REPRESENT us; not RULE us. They're only receiving a paycheck because we vote them in.

Marijuana ISNT a drug it's a natural plant

My 80 year old mother takes No Prescription Drugs...Uses cannabis daily...She's never sick...Eats healthy. I swear it's the reason she's still getting around...

We need to find out which candidate running for Governor of Florida is pro- Med- Marijuana use

Cannabis comes in many forms and every single one is helpful.

We need to have a Huge Rally all thru Florida and everywhere else too

I want that man to smoke some weed than i want him to do some herion and than ask him if its the same!!!

John Morgan needs to start a class action lawsuit against sessions....

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ready πŸ™‚


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Sorry we had a some issues live, Please be ready for a great show this Sat.

just about to get going, we want to get peoples opinions on what people think about SESSIONS

just about to go live

oh sat is ready

whats up Louis Michael TamayoCan you guys hear me

Dang is it Cold outside, stay warm y'all. I love Green Roads CBD Products πŸ™‚

Needs to be level in Alabama

Sessions is a serious joke. He needs to go.

Arbyyyy!!!! You ready for this Saturday?? πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜˜

Hey from small town Oklahoma

It must be cold❄❄

Hello from Dallas

Are you cold Arby?

Yes w do brother!!


Hello πŸ™‚




can you guys hear me

Thank you for doing what's you're doing for us Arby Barroso. An inspiration to all of us.

It was kind of hard to hear over the tunes.

What is your name just want to know.

Sessions is a tiny little man that has out lived his time by 100 years.

cant really hear u over music

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people need to be educated about this


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Thank you guys for tuning in this year, much love, peace, and happy 2018 to you all!

Who's ready to hear the giveaway announcement?

Share with us your winter stories of this year!

Where are you guys tuning in from?

Current topic: Is Cannabis safe to use during pregnancy?

Congratulations! and thank you all for tuning in and supporting Steven on his win! We appreciate all of you, and really love our #CannabisLifeRadioFamily!

That's incredible, Adrienne Rhys! We'd love if you can share more information with us!

Thank you guys for sharing your stories with us, keep them coming!

Paul Cerroni We're heading in the right direction towards normalizing it!

Thank you Jorge, we appreciate the kind words and right back at you! Heres to a bigger and better New Years to you! πŸ™‚

Have you guys been enjoying today's show? Click the hear button if you have!

Scheril's Closing Arguments!

Big congratulations to you and your family, Kat!

Giveaway winner will be announced soon!

Stay tuned in, our giveaway announcement is coming your way soon πŸ™‚

Just stay tuned, and share the show on your feed! The winner will be announced shortly πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for the support, Steven Piper That means the world to us!

That's incredible! We are so excited to hear that Ariel!

Thank you, Ariel! we look forward to seeing you every Saturday πŸ™‚

And the giveaway winner is......

Thank you, Jeena! That is incredible to have you on our side!

Welcome Coltin! Thank you for tuning in, we're looking forward to having you join the conversation πŸ™‚

Sending some love to you and your families!

Please send us a DM to redeem your prize πŸ™‚

Ariel Campos: My cat has a broken leg. Will CBD help?

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Comment on Facebook I'm gonna stick this link here. It's from a meta-analysis. Shows effects of cannabis on offspring from prenatal to young adult. Some interesting science, it'd be interesting to see the methods involved for all of this and the differences if everything was repeated when cannabis was legalized and people had access to any form they wanted.

Love it


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Wow, that's awesome!!!



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Who's getting ready for our giveaway?

We're going to take calls today for the holiday weekend! πŸ™‚

Thank you all for tuning in as always! 🎀

Congratulations to our $500 giveaway winner, Cherie Harris! Please send us a message and claim your Green Roads World CBD πŸŽ‰

Merry Christmas to all of you!! See you next Saturday!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„

Transdermal topical for elders

Good morning from St Augustine!

have a great holiday



Green Roads World For the Win Baby

and the winner is.......

Thank you all for sharing the show and spreading the news and education! 🍁

What do you guys think of Leon's day in the life?!

We've also got Chris Sunshine in the house!

We'll be giving away $500 worth of Green Roads World CBD during this episode!!

Happy Holiday's Everyone!

Glass or no Glass for Arby

Happy Holidays everybody!!

Current topics: Patents in the Cannabis space!

Whats up in Texas

Good morning Jimmy! πŸ™‚

Your house!

Thank you to our sponsor KING Kanine! Check our their awesome selection!

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come give my page some luv!


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Hahaha πŸ˜‚ Leon you’re too funny!


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I thoroughly enjoyed the show last Saturday and look forward to watching again this weekend.

That stuff scares me, can't be good for you in the long run!

Is this something you can listen to in Florida and how.

So glad y’all are back.

I love your show!

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!!! πŸ™‚


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Jeff is our Cannabis marketing expert!

Thank you for everything that you do Jeff!

Good morning Joshua Michael Adaway!

Hey Robert, send us a message wed love to speak with you!

Anything special you guys want to hear?

Will we have access to the actual flower in the near future? I use Medical Marijuana in Florida and vape my medicine and I feel we could benefit more medically from the full use of the flower.

23 yrs seizure free. Medicine for my epilepsy. Im tired of getting it from drug dealers.

That awards show was awesome to watch

Green Roads is unbelievably supportive of us Veterans!

Listening in from Wesley chapel (hospital). Welcome back.

Pain killers are ADDICTING. Not everyone can handle the withdraws and stay off of them

My dad a Vietnam vet. He'd smoke if it was legal

7 diagnoses to get mmj card in FL. I will not give up my right to own a gun!

New here and learning about natural pain releif

Humbled by the shout out!!! #CleanCannabis #SafeCannabis

Beyond just BEING on the registry, you are only allowed EXACTLY what your β€˜prescribing’ doc allows. No such thing as figuring out what’s best for yourself. ALL up to the doc, just like they treat pharmaceuticals.

What are you guys doing for the Holidays?


How do I get entered for the free CBD?


Hello from the land of Oz.

Merry Christmas from Jacksonville nc

Legalize it marijuana in ILLINOIS

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Good morning from NC

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Love this


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Dream job..

Félix Arès


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It’s so good to have grown this summer knocked your socks off.good home grown

1 month ago

Cannabis Life Radio

... See MoreSee Less


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We where invited to 96.1 FM today to speak a little bit about the industry. Cannabis Life will be in Full effect next Sat from 10-12pm Can’t wait to be back live at #IrieRythmstudios

Warming up for next week!!!!!

Getting back to the gym!!!

Thanks Tristan, moments like those Real gives us a purpose

I’m going full beard any comments, yes or No with the Full beard

I been smoking for 35 years but had my first hit when I was 14 and it’s like losing your virginity. You never forget the girl and I am so glad her name was maryjane πŸ˜ƒ

Arby what are you looking at 😜

<β€” in garage listening to the show FULL BLAST

Worldwide QUINILLIONS of $$$$

He’s an expert she’s and expert were all experts wouldn’t you want to be an expert too be an expert smooooke marijuana

Just dont panic in the spring when you hear chirping under your chin

Can’t wait for them to legalize in Florida. We’re gonna have a paaaaartyyyyy

Just ate my first edibles πŸ€“ #cbd #gummies

Leon can’t wait to have you with us next week Brotha you are missed!!

We had an amazing event at the 5th Annual Cannabis Events

We should have a day of remembrance for the victims of opioid crisis the day pot is legalized nationwide. We lost millions because of big pharm greed. Children lost parents parents lost children because of opioids and the illegality of our Freind the harmless cannibus plant

Yep PREACH BRO tabernacle

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ heyyy from Arkansas 😁

Mans in the zooooone

Thank you!!!




Thank you for the invitation.

We can fix this problem, Floridians For Freedom's wonderful Ballot Initiative is the best path forward.

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End the war on patients and caregivers.

We're LIVE! Tune in for Episode 1 of Season 3!

Cannabis makes my life livable with Fibromyalgia. Went from being suicidal and anorexic (bcuz can't control pain but I can control food and starve) walking 3007 miles from San Fran to San Diego to Seattle Hempfest 2017. And I leave on Tuesday 12/19/2017 from Ocean Beach to do it all again...I got 9 months to walk all that distance. Seattle Hempfest 2018...I'm coming for ya πŸ™‚ #walkingthroughthepain #SCunnigan

Just wanted to say l have finrom

Fibromialgia Pain also And it is so hard just to get dressed much less other daily activities l Pray for some one to understand And help us.its so hard

I share this story every time I see it. Cannabis needs to be decriminalized and legal Nation Wide. It’s proven to be non addictive and medically necessary. I want to thank this man for his service and for his fight.

Bryan Rose

That's crazy bro Florida government is lame

If ya havent figured it out yet then here ya go.....the governement can care less about any off us their to greedy and the big pharma companys have most polititions in their pockets on a federal scale it will never happen. Sad to say it but its true the government makes enough money being the greedy whores then to just legalize and regulate a harmless plant and make billions. Reasons reasons reason......cannabis is a wonder notelling what it can cure or help with....

I just got My labs back on the December 14 2017 My liver was over 1,000 and Pancreas 1,100 and they said You have Liver Autoimmune Hepatitis I refused the doctors ma made medicines and got cleared on the 14Th of this month only using Cannabis oil use 500mg of CBD vegetable glycerin 20 drops 2-3 times a day and also THC for My pain. I have a long list of medical conditions including 3 heart attacks, COPD, Diabetes,ETC. And I have gotten off many meds thanks to Cannabis. PPP CCC VTLM Best Christmas ever

Is that the ZZ Top guy?

Vote for Oklahoma SQ788 and give me an alternative to narcotics to ease my cancer pain. Thanks

But some bull shit story like canker or zika they ask 4 a billion dollars & get it very quick to fight SOMTHING that dosent exist straight into their pockets goes the $$$$ politicians are just MOBSTERS robbing behind the laws wat a sham & a shame how can they look at them selfs in the mirror g luck with that karma this g

Donnamarie Freedman

I am soo sorry we had to lose a child to realize the importance of pediactric mmj... My autistic son could wholly bennifit but unless i wamt to lose my children i cannot treat him with anything other than blood pressure pills amd ridilen to calm my 5 year old... Now please tell me where the logic in that is.. I refuse to let the drs medicate my son due to the outlandish medication they want to provide... Keep fighting the good fightπŸ’šπŸ’š plenty of other parents here to back you up!!!

LUPUS pain here

Down with the nazi communists government of florid2

I mean Florida

I thought it was med Cannabis? Cause marijuana is a fucking stigmatized word by Anslinger. You motherfuckers dont get you do his work everytime you use it instead of "Cannabis"!!!!!

This is a gutsy move.

Hope they win ,when u can't get it one way u get it the other way!

Gary Self

Hope they win the law suit in a big way!

Billy Mccann

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Hope you guys are enjoying! Give this post a share if you are πŸ’š

We're LIVE! Tune in for Episode 1 of Season 3!

I wish I could get involved in this industry

God, how I only wish we who suffer can enjoy the (inhaler) for some relief!!... PA

High from south Florida

Yay Dr. UmaπŸ’š

Texas here

✨Hopefully "2018" will be a Blessing to All of Us in one form or another with Cannabis✨

Congratulations πŸ’šπŸ’—πŸŒŸ So grateful to see πŸ’œ

He’ll yea legalize it already everywhere

I told you, you had this,πŸ’š

Congratulations Alexis πŸ’œπŸŒΏπŸŒŸπŸ’—Your amazing πŸ’—

Congratulations everyone

Try leaving and coming back

High from West Palm Beach βœŒβœŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

God Bless you, Pretty LadyπŸ’š

Beautiful lady in green 😍

My first time from south africa

Congrats to everyone!!!

No clue I have sound on mine

Yes thank you allπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©

Then send it to PA!!!!

Hi Jacksonville Florida

Thank You! This is Great!!!

I so need to try it

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We all need to go to Washington by the millions to get it legalized nation wide

A summer trip to Co might be fun πŸ™‚

Fire who ever thought that pattern was a good idea for a dress. LOL

I wish I worked in this industry

You go cuz looking Beautiful

Congrats guys πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Looking fabulous! πŸ’šπŸŽŠ

Yes we need to also in South Carolina...

That is awesome you guys are the best

a big HIGH from J.REV in ATLANTA

You guys rock!!

Congratulations xx


Looks like a great event.

Green roads forever !!!!



Wow im missing out

Espero la mejor yerba para medecinar mi patologia ,.gracias de cjile con amor.

Yay Scheril #BlackGirlsRock


Put that head right in the middle of that beautiful dress

Congrats guyssssπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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I need i n this business somehow someway.

Thanks for ALL you do! xoxo


If just a portion of the community would take note of this woman and step up like she has....the world would be a much better place! I am grateful to be able to look up to strong powerful women like Scheril Murray Powell and can only hope to help and inspire as many in the future!! #respect #buildyourpeersup #powerfulwomen #community #cannabis #cannabisheals

We have to promote the popcorn on dynasty television media portal. Awesome work

I think this a beautiful! We do the same thing in outlets local community and now we’re gearing up for Christmas God Bless you Scheril Murray PowellπŸ™πŸΎ

Big Oldies fan but my memory sucks anybody know this song??

Absolutely love anything like this

i love weed

We're LIVE! Tune in for Episode 1 of Season 3!

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amazeballs πŸ™‚


Comment on Facebook

I would gladly work for him

I would do anything to work for that man and help out with the knowledge of the plant I have I’d work for free if I had to for a while

I wish it was possible. I hope you guys have a good thanksgiving ✌️🌞✌️

Started in March met my doctor and filed April still waiting.

Keep up the hard work guys

If there is anything I can say or do count me in My brother 11/01/16 Liver cancer

Sorry for your loss, thank you for speaking for us!

Zeke Barrera you need to post your ground breaking interview with the Cannabis Society.

Loser are the states like georgia where im at i have access through drug dealers only and it's sad. Legalize seizure free 23 yrs cause of it. Thank god for the medicine i need and the drug dealers who give it to me. Legalize for my epilepsy!!!!


Every patient who registered and has had to wait or have no access to a dispensary should be suing $1m per day!


Thank yall! The pharmaceutical companies are killing our people with mind altering, health hurting drugs! Fight for cannabis!

Every patient that has been made to wait for their Medical Card to get it has been denied immediate relief. Every patient should be in a Law suit against the federal and state governments. No one should be made to be in pain.

I’m an epileptic and I’ve had grand mal seizures from time to time, but every day I would have 2 or 3 petit mal seizures a day. I started using the flower because it help control them, but then I started the cbd oil with thc in it and they have stopped.

Sorry for the loss. I hope this lawsuit helps to save other lives. Indiana is not even close yet to any medical marijuana besides cbd's and it is still a mess.

100 % Pro Cannabis

Good for them! I would too!

no regulation is the answer, no laws no limits

The PEOPLE are Right and the Government can be corrupt.. We voted in a law to make it available medically and Those in government are ruling over the People. I thought this was a democracy ....Apparently the People's vote doesn't count..

I still don’t know why it is not legal. I know the big pharm is against it, because they don’t get a piece of pie. There are some many uses for cannabis, it has been used for thousands of years. But if you catch a buzz by using a drug it must not be good for you. It’s all the backward thinking. Then you get alcohol which has killed millions but yet it is still legal. The same with smoking.

Hey the citizens of Florida voted yes for it's use so they must have to compley with what the majority of the people want. Plain an simple...

I share this in support of medical marijuana... and I am in awe that we continue to let corrupt people lead us.. love and peace to all of Gods children... we all are supposed to be a child of God...

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bigly πŸ™‚

William Medina


Comment on Facebook

Did this happen?

Thank you! πŸ˜‰


Comment on Facebook

Thanks for posting this! We’re here to help!

Awesome job!!!!

All I need is my debit card to get money out to go see the plug and it's cheaper

Michele Longway

Compassionate Use Card?

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Welcome Back Cannabis Life Family! We'd like to thank all our veterans for their service with this special episode. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Our GRAND PRIZE winner of $250 worth of CBD is..... Andrew Kirk! Congrats, Andrew! Please check your FB inbox, to redeem your prize! πŸŽ‰ We hope you all enjoy this episode, have a great Veteran's Day! πŸ™


Congrats to the winner

Love you guys! Robert Robert Edward Roundtree III you’re the man ! I’ll be praying for all the vets who need help

Congrats Andrew KirkπŸŽ‰

Gorgeous! Job well done.

Thank you to all our veterans and presently serving service men and women.God bless πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Cannabis Life How can I get connected w you guys?

Robert Edward Roundtree III we took a very similar path.. Me : great lakes, then to Pensacola EW, then popped after 3 perfect years (4.5/5 evals) on a urinalysis, cannabis 😲, 1989 Reagan in office, i was was discharged OTH. Cannabis prohibition ruined my life. After 12 years of legal painkiller addiction.... Cannabis saved my life. Would live to meet you someday!! Thanks for what you do!!


Robert those who have given you shit do not have the right to point fingers.... You made the decision one day to sign a blank check to your country to possibily lay your life down for your fellow man and that itself deserves RESPECT! Happy Veterans day Robert.

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I certainly hope so because I will be on cannabis the rest of my life!

yes thats why i have stock in cbds


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I love Cannabis - I use this everyday to keep cancer away. It has helped my medical issues everyday of my life.

Alcohol is legal, but we don’t show up work drunk.

Steven a smith is a fool and uneducated. I do not like anything he says


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liked and shared thank you πŸπŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸπŸ‘»πŸŽƒ Sandy Marsh Gina Sassi Diane Rateike


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