Cannabis as a Sedation Tool & Issues with Mainstream Media and Cannabis

By December 25, 2017Episode Recap

Season’s greetings from Cannabis Life Radio and Green Roads World!

If you missed it

The Cannabis Life Radio episode was nothing short of a holiday reunion.  Arby, Scheril and Leon gathered for the second installment of the NEW third season!

What Happened This Week On Cannabis Life Radio?

The team explained why creating a positive outlook on hemp and cannabis is important to our culture.


With the years of experience in the cannabis industry, all three hosts believe that hemp education will lead to an open cannabis market, medical breakthroughs and a stronger economy.

Guess what?

That’s why the famous saying “educate to medicate” has become Cannabis Life Radio’s favorite term. Education will bring a real change!

The episode opened with Scheril taking a stand on hemp legislation and executive agencies that have the power to change the laws surrounding hemp. She touched on how changing federal laws could help educate those looking for holistic alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

You probably know…

Big pharma encouraged a push to use prescription, issued opiates which have created a huge opiate addiction in America.

Scheril explained the idea that we are not mirroring the approach that big pharma has forced in the U.S. The cannabis industry, and specifically Cannabis Life Radio, acknowledges that cannabis is one of many alternative solutions to health issues and other problems our society is facing.

The idea that pharmaceuticals are the only source of medicine can be dangerous and exclusionary.

There are many alternatives and CBD is one of them.

Arby discussed the importance of hemp collectives and how coming together to advocate for hemp and its derivatives is important to the people whose lives have been changed by it.

He also discussed the lack of knowledge our country has in regards to the opiates crisis and the extreme problems that it can have in any society. Specifically, Arby pointed out the younger generation and the problems they now face because of opioids.

He highlighted Green Roads World hemp derived CBD in contrast to other cannabis-derived CBD. By learning about hemp and CBD, you can make an educated decision on what would work for your specific needs.

Who were this week’s guest speakers?

Scheril with Show Guest Charles Ankner

CLife radio is known for having informative and well-connected guests. In this episode, the station featured two amazing Cannabis leaders.

Leon asked hard-hitting questions to each one.

The first guest speaker was Charles Ankner, owner of Saint Brand cannabis. He’s a cannabis connoisseur of sorts and the holder of multiple patents in the cannabis space. Ankner touched briefly on patent wars between the FDA and various cannabis companies. His patents include improved cultivation methods and using cannabinoids as medical sedation. Ankner illustrates how these patents can work in medical, educational and military settings.

The second guest was Robert Edward Roundtree III.

He was welcomed back to the show as a gentleman who holds numerous accolades in the hemp community. Roundtree is the vice president of We Are RARE,  a publisher of Florida marijuana and a Sunshine cannabis unicorn.

He strongly believes in assisting individuals with debilitating, medical conditions and educating them on the many uses of hemp-derived products; namely CBD.

Roundtree addresses the issues with mainstream media and exposure to knowledge surrounding hemp. One of the most beneficial tools we have when it comes to CBD are testimonials and reviews. Roundtree spends a lot of time doing charitable work (specifically for veterans) and being witness to the ways in which CBD has been useful to them.

C-Life Radio saved the best for last!

Did you hear about the giveaways?

C-Life Radio provided its viewers with five-hundred dollars worth of merchandise and Green Roads World CBD. The products were also used throughout the show; daily dose syringes were a hit amongst guests and the hosts.

Check out for more information on hemp-based CBD products AND tune into CLife radio through their facebook page every Saturday at 10 am.

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