Plant Love!

By August 21, 2017Newsroom

It was all about the love for the plant on Sunday! Retired 4x NBA Champ John Salley got on the show with us, and Robert Platshorn returned to the studio.


“Pot” Smuggler Stories 

We kicked off the show with a continuation of Robert and The Black Tuna Gang’s adventures in Colombia, shining the light on international corruption in regards to cannabis. Robert took us through the time every branch of the Colombian Army was looking for him for bribes, and how he hid in a closet at 2AM in order to avoid them. His west coast prodigee even joined him in the studio, Bruce Perlowin, also known as The King of Pot. Both these men have essentially been demonized previously in the media for what we’re now all fighting to legalize. Robert now tours the country educating seniors about medical cannabis, and Bruce is the CEO of Hemp Inc.


Before speaking to our next guest, Arby and Scheril discussed how young should we start providing CBD and/or cannabis as medicinal/nutritional treatment. “We never talk about the consequences surrounding opioids and young people, but we always deny cannabis as safe for them.” Arby gives his 9 year old daughter CBD every day as a nutritional supplement, and has voiced his opinion before regarding his preference for cannabis over alcohol, even for his own children.


Vegan NBA Champ John Salley Loves Cannabis

We got 4x NBA Champ John Salley on the phone, and Leon admitted he fangirled when he heard that John Salley would come on the show, but who wouldn’t? John is a four time NBA champ who when he was recommended medical marijuana for his pain, understood the power of the plant. In regards to current athletes using cannabis, Arby mentions that “the sad part is that these athletes need to stay in the closet.” But when there’s such a negative stigma associated with athletes and cannabis, “ they’re prescribed with these opioids, and they lose their careers and families to addiction.”

John also believes in living an entirely plant based lifestyle. That’s why he both follows and encourages a vegan diet, and in living the most plant based life he can. “The reasons NBA Players die is because of heart disease. We have longer limbs making it harder for blood to circulate and it only becomes accelerated with diet.” John unfortunately admits. He says his moment of clarity came when he understood that “If you want to become as strong as an ox, eat what the ox eats.” It’s why he created Deuces, a cannabis product company he started with his daughter to create widely available product for those who wish to follow a plant based lifestyle, including a unique CBD infused protein powder targeted toward vegans and athletes.


Educate, Educate, Educate!

We briefly spoke to Josh Crossney, President and Founder of CannaCon and The Cannabis Boot Camp about what he has been up to lately. He is really on a mission to educate everybody who will be open to education. We need to “Educate educate educate” he practically cheers. It’s hard to not catch onto Josh’s infectiously optimistic perspective when he’s working so hard.


Afterward, Marisol Valdes from The Epilepsy Foundation’s Miami office came in the studio and spoke to us about what a foundation indirectly related to the cannabis industry does to educate. Cannabis and CBD exist in their education plans, a huge step forward for general progress on awareness and education to those who may not be seeking it in the first place. Marisol has epilepsy herself, and her work focuses on mainly educated and assisting those without access to education.

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