"No Smoke" Is a Joke

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The Board of Medicine doesn't use the scientific term for cannabis… 😒After meeting regarding the card and license holder databases, Gary Stein proves to us how much more work needs to be done in Tallahassee. #EducateToMedicate | #CannabisLifeRadio

Posted by Cannabis Life Radio on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Florida’s legislators are back in session, so it’s time for our voices to be louder than ever. A variety of hearings and committee meetings were held last week, and we’re covering the perspectives from the other side of the table. On the guests front, we heard from three returning guests, the perfect way to end Season 2!

Cops for Cannabis

On Tuesday, The Health and Quality Committee met with the Senate, along with a Hemp Related Rules meeting. Bobby watched the hearing on television and recapped a police officer’s testimonial. “They are mainly looking for hazardous driving,” he says. It’s difficult to objectively test intoxication, “There is no sure way to know if somebody is intoxicated,” Scheril adds. Arby heard of a case recently where somebody who was pulled over for a broken tail light had a small amount of cannabis in their car but was not taken to jail for it. “I think they are understanding more that people are using this. They’re getting educated.”

While the show is going on hiatus for two weeks while we transition to a new studio, we’re happy to announce that we will be able to reach a larger audience and continue to educate nation-wide. “This is an educational program, we are traveling, we are heavily involved with senators and representative, just trying to educate and provide everybody an opportunity to enter this industry,” Arby puts perfectly. Pipelining has always been a major part of Green Roads’ mission statement, which is why pairing up with Big Brothers and Big Sisters is a perfect match for Cannabis Life Radio. We will be able to both educate on a wider platform, but also educate on more interpersonal and local level within the existing program. Elementary school students are very impressionable, and it’s important to destigmatize, not encourage or promote the use of, cannabis from an early age.

No Smoke Is a Joke!

Arby knows that Chris “puts a lot of time and energy into education,” which is why we love hearing from him. Chris is one of the most dedicated and positive people in cannabis activism today, telling us that from the time he wakes up, he’s working to push the movement along. He has always been giving people correct information about cannabis, even when he was previously a part of the industry illegally.

All of his hard work has definitely been paying off over the past several months, “We got 74% of voters in Florida to pass Amendment 2,” he says, “You can’t get that many people to agree on what color the sky is,” Leon jokes. But, Even after passing medical cannabis, Chris knows that we still have a long way to go “No smoke is a joke!” he says, “Our efforts are going to be aligned with Regulate Florida, it is absolutely vital that we make this happen in Florida.”

Florida’s Board of Medicine

As we mentioned before, Tallahassee is starting up session again, and one of our frequent guests, Gary Stein, was a part of the hearing. Florida’s Board of Medicine was entrusted by legislators to create a database that lists the doctors, patients, and diagnoses eligible for medical cannabis cards. However, “This is why doctors are afraid of practicing,” Gary begins, “The amount of patients have doubled, and the amount of doctors have only gone up by 5%.” This database, however, is not the solution, but unfortunately, Gary admits that “In Florida, the only way to free the plant is to get political.” Gary even challenged the Board, and asked them why they feel this is necessary, but only received a response of “That doesn’t make any difference, we were told to do it, so we’re going to do it.”

The challenges posed by the state, however, don’t deter the movement. If anything, they only fuel the fire further. We wholeheartedly back for-patient companies and wish the government would only put the patient first as well.

Arby’s Mailsack

Q: Is CBD vape juice a good way to consume CBD? I got no results until I switched to Green Roads Sublingual.
A: Bada-Bing Bada-Boom. I’m not a vaper, but there is some vape juice that’s good. I don’t know, I don’t use it, but I have heard of people vaping and liking it.

Q: I just got my medical marijuana card and recently signed up for a class to get my CCP, concealed carried permit, the instructor told me I cannot get my permit if I use cannabis, is this true?
A: I would work the opposite, I would get your permit before you get your card.

Q: When will cannabis be available in Florida like it is in Colorado?
A: We are pushing and pushing
Scheril: Get involved!

Q: Can CBD regrow hair?
A: I don’t know but as you can tell I’m bald so…

Q: Who does more costume changes during the show, Arby Barroso or Cher?
A: I don’t know, what costumes do you want me to wear?

And with that, we always end on a light note. Thank you all for tuning in every week, we’ll see you again on November 5th as we return to a brand new studio for Season 3!

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