Nasser is a serial entrepreneur with experience leading fast-paced startup companies. He’s played several roles including CEO of a social networking application, Sales Manager of an alcohol brand backed by Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, and his most recent venture as the Director of Operations for a marketing company with several high profile clients in the cannabis and CBD space.

As a traveling Sales Manager for an alcohol brand, he got to learn about two communities; alcohol and cannabis. The similarities he saw? Both communities of fathers, mothers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and ordinary people. Both with the same goal of elevating their life and having a good time. The differences he saw? The alcohol community was socially accepted, more dangerous, and unhealthy compared to the cannabis community which isn’t accepted, less dangerous, and natural.

As a cannabis user, Nasser is passionate about educating more people through cannabis radio show about cannabis and breaking the negative stigma attached to people who use it.