Medical Benefits of Marijuana

This week we had a very special guest Danny Stern. He is a Cannabis activist that represents the patient community and is also a practicing attorney. Danny has muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair. He is adamant that marijuana is not a harmful drug, but a medicine that could be used to treat pain or other symptoms in patients. Danny Stern is a stigma breaker in his everyday life. He knows from personal experience that is extremely hard to get a medical marijuana card in the state of Florida. Danny believes there is a good chance there are many people here who are suffering and could use marijuana to treat their pain but don’t meet the strict requirements for the state. He remains optimistic about the future of marijuana legalization, even though right now it seems like an uphill battle. We had the opportunity to hear Danny’s personal story of dealing with muscular dystrophy and some of the struggles he has to deal with on a daily basis. He uses Cannabis to help manage his pain like soreness or muscle cramps. Cannabis has shown associations to relaxing muscle tension during contractions. He has seen an increase in patients that now use Cannabis to help treat their symptoms and discomfort. The most important part of legalizing Cannabis is education. A lot of the time patients have a hard time finding the right drugs that work, and only try Cannabis as a last resort. Doctors need the education so their patients can’t use marijuana as a first resort and not forced to continue trying drug after drug scared they might not find peace in their treatment. Danny has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by loving friends and family that have helped him get to where he is today, and he wants to pay it forward by fighting for patients to get access to Cannabis and the relief they deserve.

Florida Families vs Department of Health

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Scheril and Arby also had the opportunity to sit down with Steve Garrison, Jared Bambis, and had co-plaintiff Michael Bowen called into the show. Mr. Garrison is a Florida based farmer, a veteran, and a former police chief. He is currently suing Florida’s Department of Health and their lack of issuing new licenses to grow marijuana. Mr. Garrison has made several attempts to submit his application to grow Cannabis, and although he meets all the state’s requirements for the license, the state has not accepted any new applications. The heart of the lawsuit is to open up the application process so that the state can fulfill its obligation and get licenses to the farmer so that they can grow the medication that patients need to survive. The state of Florida is in a state of emergency because there are thousands of patients waiting to be treated with marijuana, but because of the state many are without access and are being left untreated. This isn’t about the money for the Garrison family, it is about getting medicine to people who need it. Their son was an Iraq War veteran and came back home disabled, unfortunately, they lost their son but believe if he had access to marijuana he’d still be here today. This is not the only incident of a patient to die after being denied access to medical marijuana, and this lawsuit hopes to solve that. Bill’s Nursery would love to see support from the community, and if you can please go to their facebook page and share their story and let them know that you support what they are trying to accomplish. As easy as that may sound, this fight will take more than a Facebook like and we strongly encourage you to show your support in the courtroom as well as going to the capital and give a testimonial to how Cannabis has helped you in your everyday life.

Senator Connie Johnson

Connie Johnson is currently a senator for the state of Oklahoma, and is running for governor! She is running at the same time medical marijuana for Oklahoma will be on the primary ballot come June 26th, 2018. If you aren’t registered to vote register now! She wholeheartedly believes that the initiative will pass this year. She is the only candidate running, in the state of Oklahoma, that the public can be assured to protect the marijuana laws that pass this election year. Senator Johnson has reintroduced this bill every two years throughout her tenure. She is inspired by the patients she sees who are asking for a safe way to medicate and treat their pain. Oklahoma is one of many states that are suffering from the deadly opioid epidemic and she hopes that voters will turn out to the polls and vote on a solution to ending it. Cannabis has shown to have more than just medical benefits, but also agricultural benefits that would be good for the soil and current crops that are grown in the state of Oklahoma. Senator Johnson embodies the educated CANNAdates we want to support and put into office! Now is the time to reverse the tide on this miracle plant, and instead of using it as an excuse to lock people up and potentially ruin their lives, we can now use it to improve the lives of those who are sick and in pain.

Thank you to all our guests for using Cannabis Life Radio as a platform to speak their truths, and a huge thank you to our viewers who support us every day!

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