Learning with Dr. Barry Gordon About the Medical Benefits of Marijuana and Everything Cannabis

We had Dr. Barry Gordon in-studio on this week’s episode of Cannabis Life Radio! Dr. Gordon has over 30 years experience in emergency medicine and care. Over the years, as the opioid epidemic reached out across America, more people entered Dr. Gordon’s emergency room needing treatment for drug overdoses. After treating the same people, addicted to opioids, time and time again Dr. Gordon set out to find a better way to treat patients without all the risks. He knew nothing of the Endocannabinoid system or how Cannabis worked as a medication but began looking out for conferences, lectures, research. Even though he had over 30 years experience as a doctor, he was just starting out in the medical Marijuana field. Now, he educates other physicians and the patients he sees down in Venice, Florida at his Compassionate Cannabis Clinic. He mentions that most doctors like having control over the process of their patient’s recovery, but because there is no risk of overdosing from Cannabis doctors like to give the patients control with education in things like CBD vs. THC and the different products that one can choose to take their medication.

Dr. Barry Gordon describes the three types of patients he meets at his clinic; he has classified three types of patients as Doobie 1, Doobie 2, and Doobie 3. Doobie 1 are patients that have never been around Cannabis or have any real knowledge of the plant, Doobie 2 are patients have used Cannabis in the past but no longer use it, and Doobie 3 are patients who are very experienced in Cannabis and use it regularly. Doctors are finally recommending Cannabis and the patients, who have never used or have ever wanted to use Cannabis, are coming into Dr. Gordon’s clinic to get more information and education. The original goal of the Compassionate Cannabis Clinic was to establish an education center. Right now, Dr. Gordon is working to solidify and grow his practice in Venice, Florida.

The first thing a patient needs to know when looking into medicating with Cannabis, in the state of Florida, is to do their due diligence to find the right doctor that will listen and advocate for them in the appropriate manner. Dr. Gordon advocates for patients who have never used Marijuana and also for the patients who go to the black market to medicate themselves, because everyone deserves the best quality of care and know they are medicating with highest quality Cannabis available to them. The next step is to educate themselves on all Cannabis information, so patients are aware how this plant is working with their body to help treat their condition. Once they get their recommendation from their doctor, they can apply for their medical Marijuana card in the state of Florida. The patient does not have to wait to receive their card in the mail, as long as they have received an email back from the state of Florida they can enter a dispensary and get their medication. The patient needs to schedule a follow up with their doctor to make sure the medical marijuana is working and must continue to renew their card every 210 days.

What’s remarkable about medicating with Cannabis is the amount of control it gives back to the patients who may feel their condition leaves them with little to no control over their lives. There is no dosage in the medical Cannabis community because everyone reacts and has different tolerance levels to THC. A patient that has never used Marijuana could not take the same dosage as someone who has frequently used Marijuana throughout their life. It would either be too much or too little for those types of patients, and either way the patients are not getting the quality of care they deserve. Vaping Marijuana almost instantaneously allows the patient to see how affected they are by the dosage of the medication and gives them the power to decide if they need to take more or less.

There are quite a few studies that show a strong association between Cannabis legalization and decreased use of narcotics. This kind of research is vital to the Cannabis movement and breaking the stigma that surrounds Marijuana. Dr. Barry Gordon has seen it first hand in his clinic. He never recommends his patients to stop using their pharmaceuticals, but has seen throughout his tenure that the more his patients use Cannabis, the less they use their opioid prescribed painkillers.

We learned so much from having Dr. Barry Gordon on our show and hope to have him on again in the future to continue educating all of us on everything Cannabis!

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