Not All Cannabis Is Equal!

By October 9, 2017Newsroom


Lobbying in D.C.

Scheril and Arby put on their lobbyist hats last week and flew out to Washington D.C. to lobby for cannabis. Bonita Money invited them on behalf of Women Abuv Ground to educate representatives on the importance of medical cannabis. “It was a grind, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Arby says, “once you hit the education button with them, they’re tuned in.” Refreshingly enough, representatives were fully ready to be educated on the differences between cannabis, hemp and CBD. “They are going to understand that they need to support this issue, because the people are supporting it.” He continues, “it’s a beautiful thing when you have them [congressmen/women] calling you.”

The difference in lobbying today is that there are no longer “hippies knocking on the doors of these representatives,” it’s senior citizens and veterans thanks to activists like Robert Platshorn and Irvin Rosenfeld. Cannabis “is so popular they have to” listen to their constituents. “People need to stop thinking seniors want nothing to do with cannabis, because in reality they are the ones who need and want it the most,” Robert explains. Seniors play an even bigger role in the industry, because they are the ones who are relaying that information to their kids and grandkids.

The legalization of cannabis is “going to be a global event” Arby says, “The worldwide company would explode,” agrees Leon, “the cartels would go under.” Mexico’s progression to passing cannabis legislation is going to be a major push for the legalization globally. It’s all about the smaller steps we can take like how Leon informed us that all of the New England region is going to be decriminalized.

Specialized Strains & Medicinal Advancements

Irvin Rosenfeld returned to the show to tell us a bit about Patients Out Of Time. An organization he is a part of that has been active since 1992 made up of physicians, nurses, and people in the medical field. During their meetings, top international scientists come in and speak about their newest cannabis findings. While he is greatly involved in medical activism, Irvin still capitalizes on injustice, “All that time that Bobby Tuna was in federal prison, the federal government was giving me medical marijuana,” Irvin says. “We need to decriminalize this plant that’s doing wonders for thousands, possibly millions, of people,” Arby adds.

We were lucky enough to get on the phone with Dr. Chanda Macias who has studied cancer for over 10 years, and infectious diseases for 5 to 7 years. She always knew of cannabis as a medicine. Her dispensary is the highest volume dispensary in the Washington D.C. area. She specializes in strains for conditions and treatment plans. “It’s not about me, it’s about the medicine,” she begins, “I just focus on the medicine and the benefits it brings.” But she wants to stress that “Not all cannabis is equal!” Most of the time the stories you hear of negative experiences is when people don’t use cannabis correctly, or use a strain that doesn’t work well with their system.

Arby’s Mail-sack

Q: I read an article about CBD water, how is it possible to have water soluble CBD?
Arby: I think that’s fake news.

Q: I was recommended to try GR CBD from my dispensary along with my THC product. I have cancer and want to increase my appetite from chemo, does CBD increase or decrease appetite?
Arby: I would say use the THC and make sure it’s Indica

Q: I read several articles about CBD helping recover muscle after a workout, but these articles never mentioned when and how much to take.
Arby: Well, pay attention to Green Roads World and Wellness, we will be coming out with an anti-inflammatory recovery cream.

Q: Is CBD safe to use while pregnant?
Scheril: That’s a question for your physician. I’ve spoken to local physicians, and some are comfortable recommending CBD during pregnancy.
Irvin: Melanie Dreyer did a study in Jamaica.
Arby: I know a lot of women who put CBD on their nipple while breast feeding.

Q: I tried to rent a store space so i can try to sell weed legally, how do i get a license?
Arby: *haahahaha*
Scheril: I would look at the department of health’s website and consult with an attorney who can guide you through the process.

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