Darren Steven Miller’s Cannabis Life Story

In 2015 Darren Steven Miller first noticed the skin on his hands and feet beginning to crack and bleed, similar to athletes feet. He spent thousands of dollars seeking answers, but no dermatologist could help him. One day, he had trouble breathing and realized he had gained 8 lbs in two days. Darren had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple Sclerosis which caused trouble eating and left him thin and frail. The extremity in weight gain coupled with labored breathing forced him to go to the hospital. He received a chest ultrasound, and what they discovered was he had a tumor that had metastasized in his heart sac. The tumor caused internal bleeding inside his heart and causing his heart to stop. They drained his heart sac to relieve some of the pressure on his heart, and the doctors confirmed the tumor developed from Stage 4 lung cancer that Darren had unknowingly been living with. Darren came to realize that his hands and feet were cracking and bleeding because all of his body’s energy was focused inwards trying to fight cancer. Draining his heart sac was only a temporary solution, and Darren had to go in for open heart surgery.

It was July 31st, 2015, Darren’s birthday, and doctors told him he’d be lucky to make it to Christmas. He began chemotherapy in hopes that he’d be able to enjoy one last holiday season with his family. His doctors all believed he was not long for this world, and Darren was left to face his mortality and break the news to his three boys. The doctors told Darren and his wife, Amy, that she needed to get his affairs in order because he would soon leave this world. She refused to accept the reality that her husband was dying and was determined to buy more time for her husband. She started researching for alternative supplements to help the chemotherapy treatment. Darren’s younger brother had heard that someone out in California had cured his cancer by eating Cannabis. Darren looked online to verify this information and found that studies had been conducted in the 1970’s which found that Cannabis does kill tumors. Amy immediately gets Darren into the car, and they head off to California in search of some answers. They arrived in California and got Darren a medical marijuana card. Within the first thirty minutes of arriving in California Darren was sitting down with a doctor and getting his medical marijuana card. Darren and Amy were looking for a miracle and found it! It is called Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson was a man who had a form of skin cancer. After he watched a documentary that discussed the health benefits of marijuana, he decided to ask his doctor for more information about medical marijuana. He created his own concentrated cannabis oil which he rubs into the cancer spots on his skin and within days the cancer was gone. Rick Simpson Oil is a full spectrum Cannabis concentrate with all cannabinoids found in this plant concentrated into oil that people can digest. He found the miracle he was looking because after the first three days his hands and feet stopped bleeding. The oil made Darren lethargic, but he could tell he was healing. The Cannabis oil also helped Darren eat which is vital when treating cancer.

After three months of eating this medicine and going through chemotherapy, Darren was no longer terminal; even his MS was in remission. He no longer needed a cane to walk and was starting to feel better than he was before the cancer diagnosis. After six months his doctors checked to see if his cancer was in remission and were surprised to find out that he no longer had cancer. The heart and lung cancer were not in remission because the cancer was cured. Darren is truly a walking miracle, and he knows he is blessed to be here still. He lives to tell his story and let other cancer patients know that there may be hope in store when there seems to be none. Darren and Amy live in Illinois, a medical marijuana state, and now make their oils to provide for those in need. Darren gets thousands of messages online asking for help from people all over the world. He even had a man from Ireland show up on his doorstep one night because he had run out of options. He wishes he had the resources to help everyone who reaches out. Darren and Amy now dedicated their lives to giving back the miraculous gift that they received.

Thank you, Darren, for coming on our show! It was a privilege to talk with you and listen to your incredible story.

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  • Juie Sims says:

    Please I need someone to contact me. My daughter has just been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She is a mother of four, they are talking about five months of chemo, then surgery then radiation. I want her to try this

  • Jennifer Smith says:

    What an inspiring life story! I love cannabis because it heals me. Great post!

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