Cannabis News: What’s Happening in Florida Politics, Sports, and with Eden Marley

The Garden of Eden

The philanthropic and beautiful Eden Marley called into our show to share the news of all the good work her organization, Garden of Eden Foundation, has been doing around the world. Eden is the granddaughter of the late and great Bob Marley, she is currently attending law school, but much of her focus to put towards the foundation. The Garden of Eden Foundation is an organization that empowers women and youth by encouraging self-esteem and self-worth through the arts, education, and sustainable community development projects. Once Eden graduates law school she hopes to continue to building and growing the Garden of Eden Foundation. Both Eden and Scheril stressed the importance of sustainability, what it means for the future of our societies, and how it is vital to the survival of humankind. Eden’s foundation takes about 250 kids on a field trip to a sustainable farm and teaches them how to farm and grow their food. The kids are taught to use the environment to help them and recognize mother nature as a tool for survival. Eden wants to teach the youth to be able to sustain themselves, and although many minorities are at a disadvantage in this world, Eden’s goal is to educate them and give them the resources to withstand on their own two feet. It was such an incredible privilege and honor to speak with Eden, and we wish her the best of luck in law school and all the success for the Garden of Eden!

Pro-Cannabis Candidate Running for Florida Governor

Bruce Nathan was in-studio this week, he is a pro-Cannabis candidate running on the Republican primary ticket for Florida governor in this upcoming election. Bruce Nathan believes that it is almost guaranteed that a Republican will win the governorship this year, because Florida has had Republicans in that office since 1994, and he would like to be that Republican. But when looking at the recent races happening around the United States, Democrats have been able to score seats in deep red districts. Democrats Doug Jones and Conor Lamb recently won house and senate seats in districts and states that haven’t seen a Democrat in office for decades, so it looks like everything is up in the air this election year and nothing is guaranteed anymore. Bruce is running on the platform of bringing the government back to the people. Bruce is a physical therapist and has seen the flaws in broken our healthcare system in the state of Florida, and his goal is to reinvent it into something that works for the people. He stresses that he is not a politician, but a regular guy that wants to see change happen in our home state. He calls his healthcare plan We The People Healthcare. He wants to take the middleman out of the healthcare system and have patients and doctors be able to connect directly without any interference from insurance companies etc. He also states this system will pay for itself and that he will in no way will profit financially from this new system. Bruce is done with the pharmaceutical industry and wants to strengthen our medical marijuana program, and has promised to exonerate past marijuana convictions if elected. He was asked if he supported recreational marijuana and relayed that he would support it if it were on the ballot while in office. Our host and Bruce didn’t always agree on the issues, but it was a civil discussion, and everyone had a chance to get their message across. Good luck, Bruce Nathan on your run for the governorship and if you support Bruce or any of the candidates running this year MAKE SURE TO GET OUT TO VOTE.

If you are in the state of Florida be sure to register to vote by July 31st, 2018 and the primary vote will take place on August 28th. You can register to vote online here. And if you need an absentee ballot, you can request one here.

Cannabis and CBD in Professional Sports

Treyous Jarrells and Kareem Rush came by in the studio to talk more about professional athletes using the medical benefits of marijuana and hemp to help treat pain and other sports-related injuries. Kareem is a professional basketball player and has played for teams like the LA Lakers, Seattle SuperSonics, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Los Angeles Clippers just to name a few. Kareem had to step away from playing basketball because of an injury and was prescribed heavy doses of Percocet. He didn’t like taking the pain meds and decided to take the time to educate himself on the medical benefits of marijuana and used it to medicate. Now, he has just signed on to play for the Kansas City Tornados in the North American Premier Basketball League this past January. Kareem is now a huge advocate for Cannabis and wants to use his platform to help break the stigma surrounding the plant. He knows lots of players who use Cannabis to medicate and help their performance. It’s not just sports injuries athletes are dealing with; they also have to work very hard to maintain their mental health working in that industry. Athletes work very hard to keep their mind and body in perfect condition to continue playing, but some of the drugs they are prescribed could be harmful to both. Rush continues to medicate with both marijuana and CBD capsules and creams. Kareem and his brothers are launching a foundation this September in Kansas City to work with The Boys and Girls club and provide after-school activities that help educate on sports and physical fitness. Treyous Jarrells would love to get involved with Kareem’s foundation and educate children and their parents on CBDs and the endocannabinoid system because we all know that education is key to breaking the Cannabis stigma. It was great having Kareem on our show, and we hope to have him back to share with us all the success he has had with his new foundation!

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