Cannabis News: Jose Belen vs United States Justice Department

Jose Belen is a dear friend to the show; you can watch our interview with him on season 3 Episode 4 on our Facebook page. Jose is a veteran who suffers from PTSD and had an adverse reaction to pharmaceuticals prescribed to him by the doctors at the VA. He decided to look for an alternative medication, one that wouldn’t have such adverse effects but still help him manage his PTSD and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Belen found that Cannabis works for him, but unfortunately, cannot legally medicate it. He is taking his fight to court on behalf of himself and anyone else looking for the alternative medicine that does not have the same deadly associations as some pharmaceuticals do. He has teamed up with Alexis Bortel, a 12-year girl who lives with chronic epilepsy, Marvin Washington, a former NFL player, and three other plaintiffs who are calling on the United States government to reschedule marijuana. Last week they stood before Judge Alvin Hellerstein of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Judge Hellerstein seemed convinced that the plaintiffs’ arguments that Cannabis does have medical value especially after hearing what it had done to improve their lives. We are still waiting to see how the judge rules, but either way, we believe this was a win for the Cannabis movement!

Cannabis For Guns

George Martorano, ┬áis an activist with the Cannabis for Guns organization which advocates and educates on the relationship between Cannabis and guns. He is the longest incarcerated non-violent offender in the federal prison system. George is saddened by all the gun violence that takes place on a daily basis in the United States. The Cannabis for Guns organization wants to exchange guns for Cannabis. The idea is that across the country individuals will be able to turn over legal or illegal guns to law enforcement and will receive a voucher that will allow for a small amount of Cannabis.While in prison, George graduated 8,000 fellow inmates and taught them a better way to live. He taught them yoga, creative writing, how to start a business, and more. Although he is out of prison, he still has the passion and drive to educate people on better than their lives. Another part of the program would be handing out educational materials to those participating in the exchange and giving them the tools to move away from gun violence and suicide. If you’d like to learn more about George Martorano and donate to his cause just head to his website here.

Athletes and the Benefits of Marijuana

Green Roads Athletics is gaining new heights by sponsoring Teofimo Lopez, a lightweight professional boxer! Treyous Jarrells went to Copus Christi, Texas to watch him fight and win! But this is more than just sponsoring an athlete; it’s about educating him and others on how to utilize CBDs to help them train, manage pain, and stay away from addictive substances like opioids. Green Roads is also partnering with the NAPB (North American Premier Basketball), a minor professional basketball league. Treyous has worked so hard to grow Green Roads Athletics and is doing a great job. He brings a lot to the table and yet still manages to find time to sit down with Cannabis Life Radio. He is dedicated and committed to building Green Roads Athletics and at the same time educating the public on the medical benefits of CBD oil. We are so proud of Green Roads and Treyous!

Thomas Trinch is with us and back from the dead, literally! Thomas played sports competitively in high school and was looking forward to a college career, but unfortunately suffered a knee injury that ended that dream. He was met with a bottle of Percocet, at the age of 17, as he left the hospital. After several surgeries over the course of a few decades, the doctors told Thomas that surgery was no longer a possibility and that he would have to medicate with opioids until they were able to replace his knee. They prescribed him 6 Percocets a day to manage his pain, that’s 140 a month for just one person! The opiates made him sick, and he had trouble sleeping, so he went back to the doctor asking to be taken off the medication. His doctor told him that the Percocets weren’t the problem, but that he was suffering from depression and prescribed a benzodiazepine, which is also incredibly dangerous. Neither his doctor nor the pharmacist warned Thomas that the prescribed concoction could end in death. Things immediately started to go downhill. He lost a lot of weight, he could speak well, and couldn’t find his way out of his bed. He soon found himself isolated from his hometown and family. Everyone assumed he was a drug addict, but Thomas wasn’t an addict he was misled by his doctor who didn’t understand what he was prescribing. He was sent to rehab where he almost died. His heart stopped beating and he couldn’t breathe. Luckily, Thomas survived and is now an advocate for medical Cannabis. He believes his life would have turned out much differently if the doctors had more education on the pharmaceuticals and also the medical benefits of marijuana. Thank you for sharing your story with us Thomas, you are an inspiration, and we are lucky to have gotten to know you!

We’d like to end this blog by giving our sincerest condolences to the victims, their families, and friends at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This tragic evident hit very close to home to everyone on the Cannabis Life Radio team. No one ought to go through a tragedy like the one that took place last week. We hope our country finds and implements the change needed to put these grievous events behind us and no one has to live through this heartbreak ever again.

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