Cannabis News: Cannabis Saving the Opioid Crisis, Baby Boomers Smoke Dope with Jyl Ferris, and Cutting Edge Cannabis Legal Issues with Joseph A. Bondy Esq.

Death to Drug Dealers

Recently, President Donald J. Trump has announced his new tactic for dealing with the opioid crisis is pushing for death to drug dealers. Our president has made it very clear how impressed he is with the Philippines’ president, Duterte, approach to handling their drug problem. Duterte has encouraged police to round up not only drug dealers but also drug users and murdering them. President Trump even personally congratulated Duterte for a job well done. Studies have shown that harsher drug punishments do not reduce drug use but make the drug problem worse. We have been trying to end the War on Drugs, but President Trump seems determined to add nuclear weapons to the mix. The Trump Administration’s believes the best way to combat the opioid epidemic is to focus on enforcement and not treatment. The president has already cut the 2018 budget for the National Control Policy by 95% and $400 million budget cut to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The White House is focused on black market opioid drug dealers but has yet to do anything about the pharmaceuticals over-prescribed by doctors and the CEOs of Big Pharma lobbying doctors to recommend addictive opioids to patients. Many opioid addicts start with legally prescribed painkillers and move on to heroin because the drug costs are too much. While Jeff Sessions rescinds the Cole Memo, protecting legal Cannabis businesses, President Trump has stayed silent. He could ask or tell the Attorney General to reverse these actions but has decided not to, and his silence speaks volumes about this White House’s agenda surrounding the Cannabis Industry. We’ve mentioned on the show before that many studies have shown that states with some form of Cannabis legalization have seen a decrease in opioid use and drug overdoses. People prefer to treat their pain and ailments with Cannabis and not have to worry about all the risks that come with some prescribed medications. President Trump’s proposal is ludicrous and could be potentially damaging for years to come. Please take the time to register to vote; you can find out when you need to register in your state by watching this video on our Youtube Channel.

Cannabis Life Radio Jyl Ferris Baby Boomers Smoke Dope

Baby Boomers Smoke Dope

Jyl Ferris, the Creative Director of Tikun, called in this week to talk about Baby Boomer’s smoking dope. She has been a lifelong Cannabis user and says she uses it to help open her creativity, which has benefited her career. She began researching the medicinal benefits of marijuana and became fascinated with it and is now enthusiastically apart of the Cannabis movement. She joined groups like Women Grow and volunteering with other organizations. She spent some time in Israel, which is the leading the world in Cannabis research. This where she discovered Tikun Olam, meaning to heal the world. It started as a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing safe and consistent Cannabis to patients. It is the only dispensary in Israel operated by nurses. They intake all the information about the patient’s health history, why they’re medicating with marijuana and their reaction to it. This has allowed them to build the largest database of Cannabis patients. They have developed strains all for proprietary reasons and have all been medically tested. Tikun came out with a study showing that Cannabis is safe to use for the elderly. There is a problem with the elderly becoming addicted to drugs. Cannabis has low side effects and risk involved. Tikun recently came out with another study that showed 39% of cancer patients ending opioid use to medicate with marijuana. Tikun has done extensive research on medicinal Cannabis as a treatment for Crohn’s Disease, ADD, Colitis, and more.

Jyl goes on to mention that many women in the Baby Boomer generation are not lifelong users and haven’t used while raising their family, but many are flocking to Cannabis because they are looking for a safer and more natural alternative to some of the drugs available on the market. She says the biggest misconception many have about the Cannabis plant is how well the Cannabis Industry is regulated. She recommends that parents not to refer to Cannabis as a drug, but as medicine and have an open dialogue with your children about marijuana. Jyl Ferris is on the frontline of breaking the stigma of marijuana, and we thank her for that! Cannabis Life Radio is supportive of legalization and a regulated industry, so people no longer have to fear if their marijuana is laced or too much for them to handle. Thank you Jyl for joining us and can’t wait to have you back!

Cutting Edge Cannabis Legal Issues with Joseph A Bondy Esq

Joseph A Bondy, a criminal defense attorney, called in to discuss Cannabis legal issues. Mr. Bondy has his own online radio show In the Know 420. He was one of the lead attorneys representing the plaintiffs, including Jose Belen and Alexis Bortell, in the Jeff Sessions lawsuit that happens earlier this year. The lawsuit aimed to reschedule marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning they have high abuse potential, no medical use, and severe safety concerns, and allow patients everywhere to have access to medicinal marijuana. The judge that presided over the case remarked that Cannabis had absolutely saved the lives of Alexis, Jose, and Jagger Cotte. The was the first time a federal judge ever remarked on the medical benefits of marijuana. Unfortunately, the judge determined the plaintiffs were required exhaust administrative remedies before bringing the lawsuit. One of the remedies would be to petition the DEA to reschedule marijuana, but that could take up to a decade or even more. The next step for them will be to file a notice of repeal this week. Joseph A Bondy believes they can win the appeal with the argument that the process is futile and overcome this finding that they have exhausted all administrative remedies.

Mr. Bondy also goes into the history of the Control Substances Act created by Richard Nixon and the remarks recorded by himself and his staff which flat out say that criminalizing marijuana was a way to arrest people in the black community and war protesters. Over 74.5% of people serving time for marijuana offenses in the federal prison system are people of color. Joseph Bondy wants everyone to understand the criminalization came with a price paid by people of color in our nation. He is dedicated to continuing to represent the disadvantage and hopes to change the law in hopes of rectifying the many injustices caused by the Control Substances Act. Joseph A. Bondy is an incredible attorney with an impeccable resume and does the work of the lord in our eyes. It was an honor having him on our show, and we hope to have him back in-studio!

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