Athletes Need Access to the Right Medication

Canada Investing In Florida Medical Marijuana Industry

Why is Florida allowing another country to profit in the booming CannaBusiness? This is an industry that is creating jobs, and putting money into the hands of hard-working Americans, but it seems like our home state of Florida doesn’t want to participate in this gold rush. Canada has the advantage over the US because it is federally legal north of the wall, giving them the upper hand when it comes to getting the funds to invest in the budding marijuana industry. Florida needs to figure out a better system to ensure that the companies getting the licenses are not going to just sit on it and sell the license to a foreign country for a profit. Cannabis Life Radio stands behind the companies who have licenses, or applying for one, that is abiding by the state’s guidelines, and plan to keep their business and profits both in Florida and in the United States.

Scheril and Arby Worldwide

Scheril was in Jamaica last week for the 25th anniversary of Rebel Salute, which is a music festival to support and celebrate progressive reggae. Jamaica has legalized marijuana using three different avenues, one is for medical use, another for recreational use, and lastly for sacrificial purposes. Allowing these types of events to have regulated vendors to sell safe products to attendees. Afterwards, Scheril was whisked away to Canada to get a better understanding of their market. Arby and Scheril then headed to Orlando for a speaking engagement at the Canna East Compliance Summit. All types of people in the Cannabis space attended this conference including policymakers, regulators, testing labs, and growers. And if you can believe it, Scheril was also in Iowa, because this state has been trying their hardest to crackdown on the CBD industry. Scheril went there on the behalf of GreenRoads to show their support and stand in solidarity with the people who are on the right side of history by providing a safe and healthy way to medicate. They are dedicated to helping anyone anywhere who may be prosecuted for either anyone consuming or selling CBD products. Luckily for us Scheril and Arby made it back to South Florida just in time to host our favorite show, Cannabis Life Radio!

Why is the US Government Going After Marijuana During an Opioid Crisis?

There are multiple studies out there that have found strong associations between marijuana availability and decreased use of opioids. One study in particular, by JAMA Internal Medicine, found that cannabis legalization reduced overdose deaths by twenty-five percent, and there was an even bigger decline the longer marijuana legalization was in effect. There has also been a significant decrease in prescribing antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs where marijuana is legalized. Medicare saved 165 million dollars because of the reduction in prescribed medication. It is believed that Medicare could save over 1 billion dollars if marijuana was legalized on the federal level. Not to mention that states with legalized marijuana have seen a reduction in deaths caused by traffic accidents, and at the same time have not seen any rise in teen use of recreational marijuana. The opioid crisis really hits home for our host, Arby Barroso, who understands from firsthand experience the devastation these drugs have wreaked. It is crazy that our government is cracking down on the very industry that could save the United States from a deadly epidemic. Scheril Murray Powell said it best during the show, marijuana is an exit drug off of opioids.

Treyous Jarrells Is Back In the Studio And Better Than Ever!

Treyous Jarrells is a former NCAA football player, who risked everything, including his life, for Cannabis. Football is a very intense and extremely physical sport, that has been proven to cause detrimental effects on the body and minds of athletes. Unfortunately, these athletes are given highly addictive substances to ease their chronic pain. Jarrells took a courageous stand and used marijuana to help manage his pain caused by playing this high impact sport. Football players are drug tested randomly throughout the season, and although Treyous never failed a drug test, he took the initiative and left the sport so he would not lose his scholarship to Colorado State. The sad fact is that many football players suffer injuries on the field, and not come out of the game because of their strong sense of commitment to the team. This only exacerbates the injuries that could affect their health in the long run. Some may have thought he was crazy to walk away from a promising future in football, but Jarrells has turned this into something incredibly positive. He is now a well-known advocate for the marijuana movement and spends his time educating the public about Cannabis and the incredible healing qualities with no life-altering side effects. Athletes should not have to choose between their career in playing a sport that they love and have dedicated their lives to being the very best, only to have their health deteriorate at an exponential rate. All sports associations need to have a serious conversation about the risks associated with these sports, and what are the best ways to provide the right healthcare and medication to these athletes. We want to thank Treyous for fighting the good the fight and support all that you do!

This special episode of Cannabis Life Radio is dedicated to Karen Goldstein, who is a huge part of our NORML  family.

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