The King of Cannabis Radio,Arby Barroso

Arby Barroso is the co-founder of Green Roads World and co-host of Cannabis Life Radio. Arby suffered from arthritis of the hip which landed him in the hospital. This prevented him from playing football and resulted in multiple surgeries. As he said goodbye to the hospital, he was greeted with prescription pain meds like Morphine, Demerol, Percocet, and other pain medications. As time went on, Arby became addicted to the legally prescribed pharmaceuticals. He knew that this way not a way to continue on in life and began researching alternative ways to heal and treat his pain. He took a leap of faith and moved his family out to Colorado to immerse himself in the CBD industry. He used CBD oil to help him get off the addictive substances and free himself from the Big Pharma shackles. Now, he is now taking on Big Pharma by advocating for a safer and healthier alternative like CBDs. He founded Green Roads World in 2012 and has been sober since September 4, 2013. He is committed to offering patients with the best CBD products available on the market. It’s only been a couple of years, but Arby Barroso is already a major influencer in the Cannabis movement. He travels all over North America meeting patients, speaking at conferences, and helping CBD companies as they struggle with uninformed agencies seizing their commodities. Green Roads World has grown tremendously, they are now producing pharmacist formulated CBD oil for healthcare professionals and CBD supplements for professional athletes. As if starting a successful business and traveling all over to help the Cannabis movement continue to move forward wasn’t enough, he started the Cannabis radio show in 2017 to give a platform to have a real conversation about the benefits of marijuana. Cannabis Life Radio gives an opportunity to Cannabis users who break the stigma to share their success stories and Cannabis experts a place to speak their truths. Arby’s goal is to educate the public on the realities of marijuana and put to bed the myths. This Cannabis podcast discusses the benefits of marijuana, and covers breaking Cannabis news. Arby wants to have an open and honest discussion about Cannabis, and gives his own personal insight when talking about how Cannabis changed his life.