About Us

Cannabis Life Radio is on a mission to highlight the plight of the medicinal and recreational marijuana user, and demand to Break the Stigma of the typical “stoner” stereotype. Hosts, Arby, Scheril, and Nasser, question why these false narratives were created in the first place, and what they can do to separate fact from fiction. The Cannabis radio talk show is homegrown in the state of Florida.  The goal is to Educate to Medicate by informing our audience on everything Cannabis. The hosts talk about what has happened, what is happening, and will happen concerning CannaBusinesses. Cannabis Life Radio is an always engaging and ever evolving conversation, that needs to be discussed. The hosts are committed to having the best platform to discuss these topics and are dedicated to bringing Cannabis News and CBD live conversations into the spotlight. Cannabis Life Radio continuously invites world renown experts and exceptionally insightful guests to share their knowledge and understanding. Every episode is an in-depth conversation about everything and anything surrounding Cannabis Life. It gives the audience a Cannabis and CBD podcast, as we delve into the politics, business, and best Cannabis practices.

The Cannabis debate is not just about if one is pro-marijuana or anti-marijuana. The Cannabis conversation is multi-dimensional, with varying perspectives, and the goal is to give a platform for everyone to speak. Each perspective is important in this discussion, and Cannabis Life Radio believes everyone’s voice should be heard. Cannabis Life Radio wants to focus on the reality of Cannabis regulation and is devoted to stopping the dissemination of misinformation that has circulated the Cannabis conversation throughout history. Cannabis Life Radio aims to educate our viewers on all aspects that surround decriminalization of marijuana and the potential benefits the Cannabis plant could offer to our society. The objective is to enlighten the audience members so they can make informed decisions that will impact their lives. Cannabis Life Radio invites everyone to participate and engage with us, and also with each other, as we continue on this journey by learning and discovering from one another.